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How to freshen up a boring blonde without visiting the 'dark side'

Are you a blonde at heart, but feeling a little bored with your lighter tones? Want a change without switching over to brunette? Let’s talk options.

So, you’ve been blonde for ages but you’re in the mood for a change. We’ve all been there! Most of the time, the story goes like this: you visit the salon and request a dark change, only to end up hating your new look and immediately missing those blonde locks. 

Well, it can take months to healthily transition from brunette back to blonde. There are so many different types and tones of blondes. No two blondes are ever the same. Because we don’t want you regretting a big change, our Creative Director Maddy Szymanski has put together some of her top tips to give you something different without sacrificing your lighter tones.

For the babe who wants more dimension — Subtle Lowlights

“Adding subtle lowlights to your blonde can be a simple variation. This will provide you with the change you want without over committing. The lowlights add extra dimension against your highlights to break up your blonde.”

For the low maintenance lady — Natural Hair + Face Framing Foils

“Another choice is to start growing your natural hair and introduce face framing foils. You will still feel blonde, but it will be much lower maintenance.”

For the trendy gal — Gloss Root Stretch

“Why not try a gloss root stretch in your next appointment? By toning down your roots, we’ll create an illusion of balayage and a move away from back to back foils.”

For the woman ready for a big change— Restyle

“If all else fails, a complete restyle in hair cut can keep things interesting and different. We are loving all the blonde lobs at the moment. It’s a great way to achieve a big change for our blonde clients who have always had hair past their shoulders.”

With new stylists and extended salon hours, you can book in a hair transformation appointment late nights on Mondays, early mornings on Saturdays and anywhere in between. Book in now to discuss the possibilities and freshen up your look with one of our trained Blonde Specialists.

Click here to book online or give us a call on 3358 3778.

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